• Started an online business and don't know where your first/next clients are coming from?
  • Craving a sustainable system that will generate you leads consistently and without spending 24/7 posting on Social Media?
  • Working all hours with 1:1 clients - exhausted and want to increase your income without adding more hours to your day?
  • Want to secure your financial freedom and create a better lifestyle by stepping out of your 9-5 job?
Increase Your Income, Transform Your Mindset & Get A Continuous Flow Of Leads To Create Predictable Sales In Your Business.

How will this benefit you?

  1. Receive weekly guidance and accountability to make sure you are taking action!
  2. Have a supporting community to help you create clarity so you will never get stuck in procrastination.
  3. Create the RIGHT services and programmes to attract and help your ideal customers and sell them out!
  4. Follow a proven 9 Step blueprint to create predictable results and get all the puzzle pieces together once and for all!
  5. Eliminate doubt and fear so that you can thrive instead of experiencing stagnation and getting paralysed because of anxiety.
  6. Transform underlying limiting beliefs that keep you doubting your abilities to succeed and that inhibit your wealth attraction.
This is why we have created "The Quantum Growth Academy" 

A brand new 12 week programme plus 9 months of Facebook group support for implementation that combines Business Strategy & Mindset 
12 week intimate group masterclasses and coaching sessions covering Business Strategy & Mindset 

What will you achieve with our help?
1. Business Quantum Growth
  • You will be able to increase your income by adjusting your current business model and reduce the number of hours you are working in your business
  • Create a predictable flow of sales in your business so that you don't need to ever worry again where your next clients will be coming from.
  • Creating your signature programme that will resonate and sell out and that will help you stand out from the sea of other coaches, healers and therapists.
  • A robust branding and social media strategy to reduce overwhelm and increase consistency throughout your branding and messaging online.
  • A world class programme that you can deliver to your clients with confidence to achieve results
  • Creating all assets – programme, landing pages, lead magnets, webinards, sales pages and delivery methods 
  • Building an email list of targeted leads/strategy to nurture the leads and turn them into paying customers
  • Selling high end ticket items to your 5 star clients over and over again!
  • Dismantle Fear, Overwhelm and Self-sabotage to Reach Your Goals Faster.
    Learn the power of your mind so you can upgrade the unconscious programmes running your behaviours to be more in control and aware of your behaviours that sabotage your success.  

  • Train your Mind to Think, Act and Behave like a Success to Attract More Opportunities, Clients and Abundance.
    Replace your self-doubt with phenomenal self-belief so your clients become magnetised to your confidence in yourself and your services. 

  • Emulate the Habits of the Successful
    Quantum Leap your motivation, commitment to daily routines and discipline to succeed. 

  • Transform your Money Mindset to Increase your Revenue, Impact and Fulfilment.
    Uncover your money blocks, re-frame and rewire your "money programmes", grow your impact and magnetise money and wealth, opportunities and positive experiences. Feel gorgeously abundant in all areas of your life! 
2. Mindset Quantum Growth
We have several levels of support. In order to find out what you need and if we can help you, please apply and book a call with us.
  • Content creator Blueprint for Social Media, Email, Digital Programmes
  • Powerfully converting sales scripts to use on sales calls
  •  Audience builder
  • Sales Funnel Templates & Scripts
  • Signature Solution Creator Templates
  • Email Marketing sequences
  • Opt In pages & Sales page templates
  • Webinar & Video scripts
  • Targeted Facebook Ads scripts & visuals

Includes "fill in the blank" templates & case studies for Lite & Elite Members
Here are our 9 steps that we teach inside the Bootcamp, Lite & Elite memberships,  so that you will have clarity and a step by step blueprint to future proof and grow your business and make more sales in less time without going around in circles and experiencing overwhelm.

We have several levels of support. In order to find out what you need and if we can help you, please apply and book a call with us.
Step 1- Purpose & Focus

We will create a roadmap with you to map out current situation and plan future state, so that you are clear around how you want to work in your business and ultimately how much money you want to make.

This work is fundamental so that you not only what you want but also how you will achieve these goals.
Step 2 - Mindset Success Foundations

The focus during this step will be to create a success mindset and habits that will help you stay productive and create the right energy in your business so you can innovate and attract your ideal clients. 

Tackling your mindset and habits early on will help to eliminate the feeling of overwhelm, doubt, fear or procrastination. 
Step 3 - Customer Mojo

Who is your 5 star client and your 5 star client policy?
What are customer's current problems and needs?
Knowing your customer avatar will help you create a strong message to become relevant and connect with those that you want to work and that you can help most.
Step 4 - New Power Core-Message

In this step we will create your Power-Core message based on your findings around new customer avatar challenges. 

You will be able to express very powerfully what you do, how you help and how you are different to others who may offer similar services.
Step 5 - Your Signature Solution

Did you know that most people don't have a signature solution?
Once you have created your signature solution, you will be able to become clear as to your next/first digital programme and the exact steps you are going to take your customers through.
This will make you stand out from the crowd and give you the ability to clearly express how you transform you clients and what benefits this will provide them. 
Step 6 - Digital Assets

Create a simple but effective way to generate and follow up on leads online, get appointments automatically into your calendar and build out all the necessary assets, such as videos, workbooks and audios to smoothly delivery your first or next online programme.

In this step we will help you tackle technology which for many may seem scary. We will walk you through simple tools and help you set up your opt-in, landing pages, email marketing and membership sites.
Step 7 - Lead Attraction

By now you will have a solid message, your sales pages and your email campaigns ready so that you can launch big time. We will help you gather your launch strategy and support you with gaining visibility through Social Media.

In this section we will also talk about how to create a powerful lead magnet that derives from your 9 Step Signature Solution. 

Step 8 - Nurture & Tweak

In this step we will optimise and fine tune your message and your sales pages. Next we will show you have you can utilise email marketing to nurture your leads and how you turn them into paying customers. We will work on your enrollment script for sales conversations and practice how to handle objections and close sales consistently and successfully.
Step 9 - Monetize and Scale

In this step we are going to help you scale your campaigns so that you can get leads consistently on auto-pilot. This will include launching Facebook ads and looking at how to create and automate Webinars.
About Sabine...
About Emma...
What our clients say...
Want to know more about us and the reason why NOW is a good time to change your life and create a thriving business?
Sabine and Emma recognized the need for supporting women who now need to quickly build up their businesses and future proof their offerings and the way they are doing business. In addition Emma's skillset is to strengthen mindset and reduce anxiety - right now in times of downturn and uncertainty it is even more so important. 

In the Academy Lite and Elite packages you have support from 2 coaches is definitely the best combination and will help you move forward without detours, frustration or overwhelm.

WHY NOW? And not in 6 and 12 months time?

This programme is brand new and right now you can get it at a reduced price point with extra bonuses before we will release it next time round. We will be looking to support you like a VIP in order to get you results against a testimonial at the end.

It is important to build up strong offering and be visible right now - so that we are not on the "back foot". 

This is not the time to shy away from investing in yourself and hiding, waiting for better days. There won't be any better times than these which will get you ahead of the competition!

So many people are now - more than ever in need of your services - and even more so when we come out of current downturn - and you want to prepare for that NOW. You need to to 'flip the coin' - and help you at the same time continue to build an even more powerful business. 

That is  what we help you to do within just 12 weeks inside of this Academy! Plus receive a further 9 months implementation support with Mindset, Strategy, Technology and many more guest speakers!
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